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The Research and Development division was created to study materials and innovative technologies being aware of the importance of experimental analysis for the development and improvement of new products and processes.

Research on materials
Grado Zero Espace performs continuous research activity on the most disparate materials through constant analysis in the laboratory in order to figure out the limits and the peculiarities of them and catalogue experimental materials, not yet available on the market.

Technologies and new processes:
Grado Zero Espace also conducts continuous research into new technologies, processes and techniques - from biotechnologies to nanotechnologies, on assembling and manufacturing techniques which can be environment friendly, as well as on innovative equipment able to increase the performance of the product.

Wearable Technology
Thanks to its knowledge in textile industry and the continuous improvement of the new technology area, GZE is able to perform innovation through ad-hoc prototyping in the field of wearable computing systems. This particular kind of clothing is a natural extension of the human's body and mind, like a "second brain". (Prof. Steve Mann)

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