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Absolute Frontiers II

GZE design team has studied the aerogel material to develop lightweight and high insulating liner for protective garments, exploiting the experience of thermal protection in spacecraft.

This garment has been awarded by Popular Science as "Best of What's New" in 2004 and with the last version, it has been selected by ADI Index 2005.

Adventure-Network International has challenged grado°zero espace to design and produce a jacket that supercedes all others in that it must survive their various expeditions in the Antarctic.

The result was a jacket using all state of the art acces- sories, revolutionary 'Aerogel' fabric technology and construction to combat the hazards and extremes of the Antarctic climate.
There had been researched and incorporated into the jacket fundamental design details to help the explorer traverse the continent, climb the mountains or ski to the south pole with the knowledge that he will remain warm and safe inside technological comfort on this icy wasteland.

Design and made by Grado Zero Espace Partner of Technology Transfer Programme European Space Agency

Absolute Frontiers II Composition:

External fabric:
  • 80% Polyamide
  • 20% Polyurethane

  • Lining:
  • 100% Polyester

  • Padding:
  • 100% High thermal insulation padding

  • Removable padding:
  • 100% Extreme Aerogel

  • Remove Aerogel patches before washing Due to its capability to absorbe humidity, the Aerogel powder could has a particular dry effect.

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