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Aggregating treatment for waste materials

the material berfore the treatment and after the treatment

This is a totally eco-friendly treatment specifically developed for natural materials like rocks, sand, ceramics, etc. It is able to bring together, to provide solidity and good mechanical properties to various kinds of grains having different shape, composition and shape.
The whole process is performed by simply applying a proper solution on the surface of the material; the curing process happens at room temperature, in a completely autonomous and eco-friendly way, with variable times (ranging between 1h and few days for the obtainment of the highest mechanical performances) depending on dimensions of the substrate and thickness of the final object. The final result is a totally natural object, having the desired shape and dimensions!
Furthermore, this particular treatment doesn't prevent from the adhesion/treatment with further coatings; on the contrary, its use is advisable for the preparation of substrates to successive coatings.

Possible applications:


to obtain the solid object we need: waste material in grains (various shapes and dimensions) and Aggregating solution

Treatment steps:

fase 1

Put and hold the substrate in the desired shape

waste material
fase 2

Sprinkle the material with the aggregating solution

the aggregating solution
fase 3

Allow curing at room temperature till the complete drying/solidification

the time you have to wait can change (from 1 hour to 3 day)
fase 4

The final result! A solid object.

il risultato finale
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