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Argonel - Argon Gas Padding System

Argon is the third most common gas in the Earth's atmosphere, at 0.93% (9,300 ppm), making it approximately 23.8 times as abundant as the next most common atmospheric gas, carbon dioxide (390 ppm), and more than 500 times as abundant as the next most common noble gas, neon (18 ppm). Nearly all of this argon is radiogenic argon-40 derived from the decay of potassium-40 in the Earth's crust. In the universe, argon-36 is by far the most common argon isotope, being the preferred argon isotope produced by stellar nucleosynthesis in supernovas. It has approximately the same solubility in water as oxygen, and is 2.5 times more soluble in water than nitrogen. Argon is colorless, odorless, nonflammable and nontoxic as a solid, liquid, and gas. Argon is chemically inert under most conditions and forms no confirmed stable compounds at room temperature.

Gze has choosen this noble gas to create, together with a restrain material, an innovative padding system that has an extreme insulating capacity, lightweight properties, low production costs and that is environmentally sustainable.

Argonel - Argon Gas Padding System

What is Argonel??

Argonel is a therma insulating system that works thanks to the Argon gas, a noble and extremely inert gas.

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