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Cigarette paper, leather & membrane

Cigarettes reach a new scope: ultra-thin leather + ultra-resistant cigarette-paper + thermo-active membrane, a new intelligent and light livery.
A new concept of leather, suitable for realizing jackets with a revolutionary dimension of use, is growing up. The innovative leather used is ultra-thin and this could obviously cause also an excessive fragility in it but Grado Zero Espace thought to associate the leather to a layer of thin cigarette-paper, that is really resistant.

A new scope for cigarettes

The paper for cigarettes, thanks to its own nature, is very light, but at the same time very resistant. This binomial of materials created the effect of a thin surface to touch, but most abrasion resistant in everyday use. However, according to Grado Zero Espace's team, this was not sufficient to grant to the garments a new dimension for sport use. So another material was associated to the paper-leather binomial: a thermo-active polymer membrane able to give to the multilayer material an unusual impermeability together with the introduction of some temperature control, in feedback with body's heat. In fact, it allows a good perspiration when the body's heat is high and, on the contrary, creates a barrier to the cold and the moisture when temperature is lowered under certain predetermined and programmed limits.
From this triple association of materials a new kind of leather, adapted to the sport use, is born, a frontier all to be explored and in which Grado Zero Espace becomes pioneer.
This goal allowed a use of cigarette-paper that ennobles the scopes for which it was conceived, in a time which it is clear that smoking is bad.

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