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Based on Safe & Cool European project, the Hydro jacket is designed to give more comfort and safety to the Fireman's activities. The Safe&Cool objective was to develop a thermal and moisture management layer based on a fabric coated with a water absorbing polymer to be easily integrated in current protective clothing. The external layer reflects the sun rays and a FR coating is activated by the heat of a fire. The second layer works as heat dissipator and thermal barrier. The design of the lining developed by Grado Zero Espace allows the best moisture management, with the help of the Safe Hydrogel Padding.

Materials used in the project

The Safe Hydrogel Padding structure
is composed by an interaction between
materials with specific roles

Hydrogels are hydrophilic polymer networks that are able to swell and retain large amounts of water and maintain their three-dimensional structures. The term Hydrogel is used at the same time for the dry substance and for the water charged gel. These polymers do not dissolve in water; upon swelling, they increase in volume, but keep their shape without breaking up.

Responsive hydrogels found many different applications because of their interesting properties: as a super absorbent material in diaper, as insulator construction materials, as water retention material in agricultural applications, in showing to obtain the artificial snow, in cosmetic and pharmaceutics industry, in artificial organs and tissue engineering, in wound dressings and in fire protection. Most hydrogels are highly bio compatible and have extremely low toxicity to the human body, eg, hydrogel products such as contact lenses and surgical dressings are being used successfully.

An example of Hydrogel's characteristics. The video can be viewed also here togheter with more specific informations about hydrogels

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