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Liquid Jacket


Styled with a retro 70's look, Grado Zero Espace's Liquid Jacket ("LQ" means liquid) is in fact ultra-modern and on the cutting edge of materials technology. LQ Jacket is a motorbike jacket design for Hyper-Sportive motorbikers. Using the ultimate materials technology together with an innovative manufacturing process, GZE present one of its latest creations. The jacket is made from ultra-thin leather that is combined with a unique material that has high thermal resistance. The process of bringing these two materials together has enabled the use of extraordinarily thin leather, whilst increasing its elasticity without affecting its durability.

The leather has been treated with patented Liquid Shell treatment (see related page), making it waterproof and abrasion resistant, yet maintaining its softness and durability.

The final element of LQ Jacket's architecture is the most advanced among shock-absorbing system. d3o technology is a specially engineered material with intelligent molecules that flow with you as you move but on shock lock together to absorb impact energy.

An electroluminescent film integrated on the back of the jacket, is controlled by a power head inside the jacket. This element solve the visibility problem with a flexible and washable system.

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