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The term mesocarbon, or mesoporous carbon, includes a wide range of amorphous carbon based materials with high values of porosity and surface area. The filters for the blocking of the chemical polluting agents, for example, are based on the adsorbing properties of the mesocarbon and on the reactions of chemical neutralization made by special impregnated substances: the polluting agents with great molecular weight are physically "trapped" in the structure; while the less absorbable substances react with special chemical reagents incorporated into the pores, that neutralize them into innocuous substances.
That is because Grado Zero Espace thought to introduce this material in anti NBC protecting garments. In fact, incorporating the mesocarbon into suitable textile supports and functionalizing it, it would be possible to obtain light anti NBC suits able to absorb and convert every type of chemical and bacteriological agent into inert substances, in a stable and sure way, having besides the possibility to be regenerated.

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