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Safe Hydrogel padding structure is a thermal and moisture management system, born and studied for safe Fire Resistant equipment.

It is a textile structure for technical garments developed in order to avoid wet feeling on the skin,creating an active suction channels that transport the moisture away from the body.
Thanks to the innovative Hydrogel polymer implementation.

Safe Hydrogel padding is a threelayer structure.
The first layer is a double weave knitted fabric having a hydrophobic fabric side, that touch the skin, and hydrophilic fabric side. The second layer contain small Hydrogel particles: hydrophilic polymers that are able to swell and retain large amounts of water.
The third one is a hydrophilic layer.

The double fabric has the aim to transport the moisture in only one direction,from the inside to the outside of the garment. Actually the hydrophobic side that touch the skin, make possible the passage of the water throuth active suction channels to the other hydrophilc fabric side, but not the opposite.

The second layer whit Hydrogel has the function of absorbing water and keeping it on the hydrophilic fabric side, away from skin side.

At the end, the last hydrophilic fabric is quilted together to the other two layers to avoid the wollen Hydrogel particles coming out from the structure and to keep together the all structure.
Moreover the cotton fabric being hydrophilic, make possible the evaporation of the water to the outside.

The first Safe Hydrogel padding is used to realized the Hydro Jacket, a fire retardant jacket for fire fighter.

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